For generations, women have been coloring their hair from the comfort of home. However, doing it yourself (or having a girlfriend do it for you) often results in hair coloring disasters. Professional colorists solve this problem, but sometimes at the cost of comfort and convenience. If you like the idea of professional hair coloring and highlights and the thought of having your hair colored at home, then you'll appreciate the results and the convenience that a mobile Waikiki hairstylist brings.

Jennifer Haley is a Waikiki hairstylist experienced in hair color and highlights – and she comes to your home for the coloring. Instead of spending hours in a salon, you can have your hair colored at home where you can hang out, watch TV, work on your computer, or even talk to clients on the phone while the stylist works on your hair. If you prefer to chat or close your eyes and relax, you can do that too.

Having a Waikiki hairstylist color your hair is an excellent choice for anyone who wants professional results and a natural look. It's also a good choice for those who want to go bold with fantasy colors or streaks. Whether you want to try a new color, cover gray, or get creative with highlights, streaks, or funky colors, Waikiki hairstylist Jennifer Haley's affordable color services are sure to please.

Hair Color and Highlights Rates:

  • Retouch – Starting at $45.00
  • Full highlights – Starting at $85.00
  • Partial highlights – Starting at $65.00


Waikiki Hair Coloring and Highlighting Hours:

Monday through Friday: 9am to 8pm
Saturday: 9am to 5pm
Closed Sundays and holidays

Contact us today to schedule a Waikiki hair coloring appointment.